James H. Alexander DC, CCSP - Sports and Family Chiropractic
Dr James Alexander DC CCSP

Dr Alexander has been practicing chiropractic in Dayton, Ohio since 2004.

Dr James grew up in a chiropractic family with his father, Dr Harry, who has been practicing since 1968.

Dr James uses multiple chiropractic techniques to treat his patients, along with x-ray, therapies, and exercise programs. Therapies include muscle stim, ultrasound, traction, decompression, cold/heat packs, kinesio taping, and soft tissue release techniques.

Patients of all ages and degrees of pain are treated at The Chiropractic Center. Patients suffering from low back pain, sciatic, neck pain, headaches, accidents, disc injuries, sports injuries, and many more are treated.

Dr James also hold a CCSP (certified chiropractic sports physician) and has treated athletes from grade school to professional.

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